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Just Another Saturday: A Pop Of Color

burberry nude color pop style guideWhile my blog feed has been flooded with shades of pink, red (and gray?) I hope you enjoy this “just another Saturday” post about regular old style. Whether you’re all hyped up for v-day or celebrating singles awareness day, I personally like to view it as any other day. I’ll just keep my commentary to myself on this one.

With that being said, I’m focusing today on adding a pop of color to your wardrobe during the cold neutral months. Nothing kicks up a drab outfit a notch more than an eye catching colored piece. There’s of course the easy route of adding a colored accessory to an all black outfit (lazy girls guide to chic, yeah?) but what about all the gray, nude, white and creams?

Tips: Adding a “pop” of color should mean that it’s a relatively small piece in proportion to the entirety of the outfit. For instance, a bright colored top with gray pants isn’t necessarily a “pop” of color (though it is a great touch so definitely  do try it) but a bold neon belt on an all gray dress is. A bright colored cardigan with black pants and a white shirt is a step in the right direction but  try doing a smaller piece like an electric blue shoe or a hot pink statement necklace to really draw the eye in. As a general rule (but by no means without exceptions) the bigger the piece is, the less captivating an effect. However, one example of an exception to that rule is a rich colored coat over neutrals. This is pretty much a must.

Here’s some inspiration to incorporating color into your minimalist style.

pop of color stlye advice neon shoe all black pop of color stlye advice orange clutch neutrals pop of color stlye advice yellow shoes pop of color stlye advice blue clutch neutrals

Tips: Try making your elegant nude dress a little edgier by adding some neon flare to it and getting some extra wear out of it. A striking necklace or belt really makes a huge difference in changing the style of the dress entirely.

Adding color to your wardrobe can be tricky if you’re living on a budget so having small interchangeable pieces is a really great way to spice up an all neutral palette. Try adding items like these to your wardrobe to start yourself off:

popcbuy1 popcbuy2

Most importantly always remember: it’s not what you wear, but how you wear it. Cliché, je sais, but true so just do you.

A Broke Girls Guide to Thrifting

thrift shop style adviceHave you ever been the victim of the “Ohmygosh I have that exact same dress! Target?!


But such is the life of mass production.

So are you just dying to know where you can get really quirky, unique pieces for dimes? (Warning: it’s a bit of work.)

Thrift stores are the best places to find really cool pieces for great prices (literally for cents at times!) and you can find truly unique pieces that you won’t find in your run-of-the-mill shopping mall. While you will find your fair share of Mossimo jeans and forever21 tops, you’re also sure to score some high-end brands for ridiculously cheap and hardly worn.

Now maybe you’ve tried thrifting and you’re thinking right now that I’m crazy because all you found was gross, dusty garbage but no! You’re just at the wrong place.

thrift1Here’s my super easy guide to thrifting to get you started on the right track.

  1. Familiarize yourself with the areas around the store. Why? Because (as a general rule) where there are wealthy people there are wealthy people’s old clothes. Where there are stylish people there are stylish people’s clothes. Go into a rich area and think “where would I take these to get rid of them?” and then proceed to scope out the thrift shops in that vicinity. Et voila!
  2. Don’t buy it because it’s cheap. Uh…look around. It’s all cheap! Buy only the things you love and can get a ton of use out of.
  3. Don’t be deceived by good fit. Just because something “fits you like a glove” does not mean you need to own it. Seriously ask yourself if you will ever wear this (other than cleaning the house in) more than once.
  4. Do a thorough inspection. Check for pills and holes and worn areas in the fabric as well as uneven hems and bad sewing.
  5. Don’t be afraid to venture out of your comfort zone. The great thing about thrift finds is that they are cheap so if you take a risk and it ends up not being a great one, you’re not losing much.
  6. Go with friends. Thrifting alone may work for some but for most it can be a tad overwhelming. Making a “thrift day” with friends is a great way to make shopping through racks of ugly to find the gold a lot more enjoyable. Plus, they can save you from making bad choices.

macklemore thrift shop style guideNow you should be ready to step out into the big bad (not so scary with these tips) thrifting world and get great pieces for pennies! Have any additional tips? Leave ’em in the comments!

Side note: Thanks for everyone who has continued to visit even though I’ve been awol for the last few weeks. My life has been seriously nonstop lately and I have not had any time to even log on to my computer. Technically I should be ridiculously busy today as well but I’m taking the day off to recuperate. Life caught up with me and knocked me on my butt. But ay, cest la vie. I’ve got another post I’ve (mostly) finished and will be posting up soon. I’m going to finish it today and schedule it to automatically post so you don’t have to worry about me keeping my word on this one. (Also, I know I normally do ‘Friday Faves’ on Fridays but since I’m a bit behind I hope you enjoy the article today.)

Defining the Difference Between Fashion & Style

If asked what the difference between fashion and style is, could you give the answer?

The two are a marriage; man and wife, Venus and Mars, peanut butter and jelly. So opposite and yet so much the same. Let’s first break it down into layman’s terms.

Fashion is what you put on. Style is how you do it.

So you read the fashion magazines, frequent the blogs, and scavenge the racks for all the latest trends. Now what? Okay, so you know fashion. Now where’s the style? Just like searching out for your perfect soulmate, you must dig deep within yourself and find who you are first. Are you to be defined as bohemian? As a punk? As a hipster? As a girly girl? A skater or glamour queen or retro? Well, maybe. And that’s okay. If it’s you. But don’t feel confined to what fashion tells you you could be. Those are all just helpful suggestions. Those are someone else’s style who had the ability to share it with the world on a grand scale. Even designers who take a certain trend still put their own twist to it.

The world is broken in to three sorts:
1. Those who could care less about what they put on their body and make do with what they have available. May that be people living in third world countries or poverty or just people who have different concerns. Fashion and style is a hobby, people. Don’t forget that. Don’t judge people who don’t care about your hobby.
2. People who love fashion and chase trends. They don’t have style or care to have style. They want to be the fashionista. They love going with the flow and being a big fish in the small pond.
3. People who can express themselves with clothes. The clothes speak to them and, like paint on a canvas, mix together to create strokes of art, all coming together in one fine unique masterpiece.

We all have the same paint colors to work with. It’s just a matter of execution. And hey, let’s face it, some are just better painters (I’m still talking about style here if you’ve lost me.)

fashion vs style blog

FASHION: Here’s your average hipster wearing typical “in fashion” items. The typical cut off bleached shorts, the typical cut off shirt, the typical geometric long necklaces, etc. Nothing wrong with this look but just to emphasize, this is a typical way to dress. I can grab about 100 of these exact same girls in 20 minutes at the mall on any given day. STYLE: An example of using trends (i.e the pink fur coat) and then adding different pieces all together in a unique way to create her own stylish look. (see bottom of article for pc)

So here’s my point, babes: (Because don’t I always get around to having one?) You can be content with fashion and that’s okay. But to have a voice, to be the black sheep, to stand out amongst the crowd and identify yourself as an individual, you must find your style.

Okay, so you’re thinking “How, Meg?! How?!” Right? Maybe less enthusiastically but, hey, I’m excited about this!

So here’s how: Educate yourself with visual stimuli.
Watch movies set in various times.
Study culture from Africa, India, Europe, Asia, etc.
Basically; Get involved with life outside of your realm!

The more you explore what’s out there, the closer you’ll get to finding what you’re drawn to. What moves you? What pulls you in? What inspires you? Who do you look up to? Don’t BE them. Use them as your muse to create your own masterpiece of style.

Here’s some visual stimuli I’ve put together to get the blood flowing and the fire ignited within you.






Yakutia (Republic in Russia)


Japanese street style (Japanese street style is like it’s own culture in the way that it has adopted all different cultures and put a very unique spin on it. They managed to create a culture of cultures in their style.)

So now tell me; what inspires you?

PC: Model in pink fur coat. All other photos taken from Pinterest. I will have all of these on a specific Pinterest page the day of/after posting this article and you’re free to go to their source from there.

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Sunday Best: The Little Black Dress

audrey hepburn breakfast at tiffanys little black dress lbdNo, we can’t all be Audrey Hepburn, and that’s a reality I go to bed with every night and wake up to in the cruel mornings. But there are days when I’m a little bit closer to her.

Ah yes. That’s because I’ve got on my Little Black Dress.

There’s nothing quite like the LBD. It loves you for who you are, it comforts you when you’re feeling bloated and it always makes sure you’re the center of attention at any event you attend together. The best of friend in your wardrobe. It’s really a shame you don’t call upon it more after all it’s done for you, isn’t it?

Ladies, let’s pull out those LBD’s and show them our appreciation, shall we? Let’s take them out in our converse or let them come along with us to the mall, tucked snug under our cardigan. Let’s dress up for a night on the town and take them dancing. They deserve it!

Whatever your style may be, there’s a Little Black Dress for you (unless you don’t wear dresses in which I can’t help you there. You’re missing out.) Snug and formed to your body or loose and flowing. Short or long or tea length. The LBD is the all-womans dress. Embellished or plain, short sleeve or long, gaudy or simple – the ultimate of ultimates! La creme de la creme!

little black dress style blog lbdBut wait.

Have you never known this love, this unique bond of devotion to this simple but definition of perfection that is the Little Black Dress?

Oh my. My oh my.

I can’t go to your home and drag you on the quest to find your “one” but if I were able to, I would. Yes, I feel it’s that necessary. So what I can do is assist the best I can. Here’s a few online I was able to find and I hope that you’re able to find the one that suits you and can be your companion when all else in the fashion world fails you.

Best of success my dears!

lbd little black dress lbd little black dress lbdtobuy4

This last one is a little bit more than the others but certainly worth the price! It’s slightly metallic and has great detail and shape.
lbd little black dress

In addition, here are some sites that have full sections of LBD’s at decent prices:
River Island

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Friday Faves: My Current Obsessions

kendall jenner black leather pantsFor this weeks edition of Friday Faves I thought I’d do something a little different to go with the theme of getting to know each other. Here’s some of my favorites of different categories. Books, Makeup, Clothes, Blogs, Etc.

Book: How to be Parisian
Why? Because it’s like a goody bag in book form. Style advice, life experiences, recipes, makeup tips, hospitality tips. This book has a taste of it all! I couldn’t put it down and I’ll continue to get use out of it with all the goods it’s got.

Makeup: Diorshow Brow Styler
Why? Because it’s the best thing ever. I started using it a little over a year ago and I’m still hooked. It’s perfect for heavy or light use and you get so much control with it and I think it gives my eyebrows a much more natural sculpted look unlike the current trend of having obviously painted on brows.

Clothes: This JCrew Cropped Sweater
Why? With this cold weather I’ve been living in sweaters and for whatever reason I keep coming back to this one that I got at the beginning of the season. I love where the sleeves hit and I like that it’s fitted in all the right places without being tight. It’s such a classic shape and goes with so much.

Nail Color: Revlon Velvet Rope
Why? It’s just the perfect shade of red, is all. It’s not bright red and not vampy nearly-black red but it sits comfortably in the middle and I think it’s just absolutely perfect.

New Blog: Sophie’s Footprint
Why? Because her posts are simple and beautiful and high quality and I just like the girls style! Even though I do long-er-ish posts (#sorrynotsorry) I’m a sucker for short and sweet. Please, go check her out!

Old Blog: Designlovefest
Why? Because go there and see! I just love what she does. It’s adorable and awesome and helpful and great. And follow her Instagram while you’re at it. You will not regret this.

how to be parisian love style and bad habits

Trend: Leather pants/leggings
Why? I don’t even know, man. I just need them in my life. I don’t own any because a) I’m scared of commitment and b) my husband does not understand this love and I feel I need a convincing argument before I purchase them. I know. I have very complex problems.

Celebrity: Kendall Jenner
Why? Spare the hatemail here, but I cannot stand the Kardashians. I just. don’t. get it. I only like Kourtney and then this one, Kendall. Girls got talent with this modeling thing. And on top of that she’s got great street style and on top of that she’s got a body I’d kill for.

Alright ladybugs, that’s all until Sunday Best!

P.S. Don’t forget to check out my previous post to take the poll!

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Buying Versatile “Wow” Pieces

black and white striped dress pink heels style budget fashion blog

This is a great example of a versatile “wow” piece. It can be dressed down with flats and a casual jacket or dressed up with statement jewelry and tights. And as you can see, it looks great with simple accessories as well. Click the photo for source.

What is a “wow” piece exactly? Take a spin-off of the LBD (little black dress) and make it hunter green or a deep royal blue or a sexy red or maybe a hot pink for the feisty girls. Make sure it has a classic shape that goes with everything (like your LBD) but it should be something that screams out “this is me!” and has unique touches. Remember it’s for versatility so be careful of asymmetrical sleeves or huge collars and pretty much anything that’s going to limit what you can wear with it. It should be easy yet unique. This item can be a pair of pants, a skirt or dress, a top – who cares! Confused yet?

Look out for these key qualities when hunting for your “wow” piece:

  • It’s made for your body. It should fit neither too loose or too tight but just right.
  • It can be worn all year long, rain or shine, depending how you style it.
  • It can be worn with a leather jacket, a simple cardigan or a fur coat. As though the t-shirt of wow pieces it should go with nearly everything.
  • You can wear simple or statement jewelry with it. Its enough on it’s own but it’s not too much to where it has to be.
  • Flats and heels both suit it. If it looks like you’ve changed out of your heels into your flats but you haven’t then that means it doesn’t look good with flats. When you wear flats with it it should look like you meant to. When you wear heels with it it shouldn’t look forced. That’s the absolute worse. Yuck.
  • You feel like a million bucks when you wear it.

Here is one example using the very flattering shape of this turquoise dress and pairing it both for dressy and casual so you can see how the piece itself is unique and special but easily paired with other items of all varieties.

versatile emerald dress h&m pink coat light pumps affordable inexpensive stylevwpoutfit2

Obviously everyone has different style and taste so I went with something fairly basic to give you an idea of how to mix things up just by changing your accessories.

Now you’re ready to find your wow piece and make it your own!

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Sunday Best: Lace is a girls best friend

lace short dress style how to wear style guide inexpensiveFemininity at it’s finest. It has the capacity to transform, to change, the person wearing it. Under her leather jacket or paired with her combat boots, she is so very evidently a woman with it peeking out from underneath. On her wedding day from head to toe, it makes her a princess. Whether she’s in her bedroom with nothing else or she’s out walking in the cold streets with a baggy jumper to cover her, keeping it as her own secret, she can’t help but feel like a woman. The luxury, the empowerment, the confidence; she is wearing lace.

I don’t know what it is but lace just brings me joy. I don’t even need to talk it up. It really speaks for itself. There’s an endless amount of stores you can find lace so I don’t think you need my help in finding any. BUT. I will say this: choose wisely. Not all lace is good lace. Tacky lace makes me cringe and it’s unfortunately something I see all too often.

Below is an example of a really easy, casual way to do lace if you’re just getting into it. Like I said, lace can be done wrong so this is one way to incorporate it if you’re still unsure of how to wear it.

lace outfit pleather imitation leather style fashion ideas guide budget inexpensiveNot that you have to play it safe with how you accessorize your lace but do remember this: less is more. Lace is such an attention seeker so make sure that you’re highlighting the lace, not the idea of it. For instance pair your lace with your denim and t-shirts, not on your denim and t-shirts. This is not a rule so much as a guideline. There are always pieces that are the exception. Also look at the quality and the intricacy of the lace. Lace is special so make it feel unique. Buy pieces that are deserving of the lace on them.

lace outfit ideas style guide budget inexpensive shopping h&mI hope this article was helpful and you’re ready to show off your feminine side!

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Friday Fave: The Fur Coat

I may dress very JCrew 90% of the time but I have a deep love for all things gaudy and ostentatious. Enter the highlight of this weeks Friday Fave: the fur coat. Faux fur exclusively only because I don’t live in the arctic where I’d have any real need for an animal to die in order for me to have a coat to keep me warm in the frigid temperatures. I live in Texas where it gets to a very rare teens in it’s lowest points in which everything shuts down and we stay inside living off our canned goods. We don’t do cold here. But I digress.

furcoat1Fur! The fact that this is trending right now makes me unbelievably happy because now it means it’s accessible and I love nothing more than for things to be accessible.

Please, all, of you, wish me the best in my endeavors to convince my husband to allow me to indulge in this desire of mine.

Enough of the chitchat, though, and on to the goods! Here’s a few of my favorites and where you (or me!) can buy them.

hmdarkplumfauxfur f21fauxfurshawlcollar f21fauxfurlong

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