My husband and I recently decided to simplify our lives and get rid of unnecessary burdens so that we could truly live and enjoy life to the fullest. Our extravagant spending days were over and we ventured into the unknown — frugality. Our pride in our appearance, however, was going nowhere. Because we bring in several thousand (yes thousands!) less a month with our new lifestyle we did have to change our shopping habits, sure. But our style? No, never! Instead I got smart and learned several tricks to making the most out of the clothing budget. So many times I hear excuses about people not dressing well because they don’t have the money but I’m here to say that money can not buy you class. Looking and acting like a million bucks (even when you have $0.75 in your bank account) is 100% achievable. I hope my experiences, tips and tricks can help those who have the desire to look good on minimal income feel like they can go out there an achieve the persona they desire. After all, feeling good about the way you look changes the way you feel about yourself and gives you confidence in yourself and respect from others which, in the end, can potentially lead to a happier life. With that being said, keep it classy — but keep it cheap!

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