You’re no Marilyn, miss Audrey

Just because your idea of beauty is one thing doesn’t mean that you are your own idea of beauty.


Why are you dressing like a Marilyn when you’re clearly an Audrey? Embrace you! Trends are ever-changing and so are societies ideas of beauty so please stop getting hung up on who you think is beautiful and work on finding your own beauty. Audrey Hepburn was not pining away to look like Marilyn Monroe or vice versa. With all the different attitudes on body types today, those two ladies, with two bodies so different, have remained as icons of beauty to this day. Why? They embraced it. But no, that does not mean saying “my body type is yuck so I should wear sweats every day.” How we care for ourselves is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves. You may look like Zoe Saldana but you’re so hung up on looking like Beyoncé that you’ve denied yourself from seeing your own true beauty!

All of this “real women have curves” nonsense is just another way to get you to feel bad about yourselves. Hello people! Real women are not defined by their bodies. Dress your body and love your body. Don’t confuse what society tells you is too skinny or too fat to determine your health. Every body is different so do you and do it in style.

zoe saldana

My tip for today? Try on everything. No, really. You don’t think it’s your style or you don’t think it will look good on you but trust me, you’re missing out when you tell yourself that garbage. My eyes were opened as a teenager when a friend took me shopping and I was able to see the body I had and just never knew how to dress properly.

I was an Audrey trying to be a Marilyn.

Now for the lesson. You ready for this? Your comfort zone is actually a prison. You’re suffering from fashion stockholm syndrome! Get out now. Ask for help if you need it. You will be liberated in ways I can’t begin to express. I can almost guarantee that (after a LOT of frustration and time, I’m sorry) you will eventually cry out from your dressing room with a strong, victorious “free at last, free. at. last!

2 thoughts on “You’re no Marilyn, miss Audrey

  1. I love this post!!!! It’s so true that I’ve seen women wear certain things and in my mind I think ‘I wouldn’t even try to wear that because it wouldn’t match my personality’ even though I really want to try it. I’ve let this way of thinking stop me from having fun with style and fashion. I think I’ll make a New Years resolution to step outside of my comfort zone! I’m your newest follower and would love for you to stop by my site when you get a chance I look forward to your visit 🙂


    • I absolutely understand what you mean when you say you love a girls style but are too afraid to try it yourself. It really makes no sense that we tell ourselves that, does it? Please let me know how your resolution goes!


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