Invest in timeless staples – go cheap for trends

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There are certain items every girl needs in her wardrobe to make it well-rounded and complete. You may be familiar with the term “wardrobe staples” but you may not be exactly sure what that means for you if you’re one of those many who thinks “why would I ever need a white button down or leopard print flats?”

It’s because, while those are classics, they aren’t necessarily staples for every girl. So what makes any piece truly a staple? It’s timeless. Years later (assuming your weight hasn’t drastically changed) you should still be able to be wearing your staple pieces and not look outdated. Whatever trend is current, your staples should effortlessly go hand-in-hand with them. Let’s begin with these basics on determining your personal staples.

  • There are of course the basic basics like t-shirts and jeans. For jeans you should find a classic fit whether it be skinny, straight leg or bootcut that fits your body proportions and, most of all, you feel confident in. Invest in one dark pair and one faded pair. Abstain from any distressing or embellishments when it comes to your staple pairs and make sure they’re a good fit that allows a little fluctuation in weight gain and loss. For your t-shirts go gray, black, and white and stay away from anything too baggy, too long or short or has sleeve embellishment. Keep it simple. Your free to buy those but not as your staples.classic white button down and alternative silk top

  • Instead of the classic white button down which many aren’t comfortable wearing, invest in a nice silk blouse or something similar to take its place. I personally love white button downs and have a few because they’re easy and crisp looking but really, they’re not everyone’s cup of tea. It should be something you can throw on with everything to make it dressy or casual or office-ready. Make sure it has sleeves otherwise it may not be appropriate for some occasions.

  • Don’t underestimate the importance of good sneakers. Converse, Keds, Vans, or whatever it may be, make sure it’s a good sturdy pair (no cheapies!) that will hold up for a long time and are your style. These are all shoe brands that go in and out of being trendy but at the same time are always classics so go buy which ones you love, not which ones are currently hot. Depending on how you style them, they can be super casual or make a haute couture statement. Timeless and adaptable.

  • While I recommend buying statement jewelry that’s inexpensive and can afford to be replaced often, I put it in here as a staple because it’s something you should regularly update and always have in your possession because it can make simple jeans and a t-shirt look super fashionable. Bold accessories can go a long way in completely changing something from drab to fab and it’s super Coach purse, nude Kate Spade purse and cognac Dooney&Bourke bookbag

  • Most girls live out of their purses and when it comes to bags I have one thing to say – go designer. Whatever bags are a necessity for you, invest in a quality one. I have a dark purse and a light purse and a neutral bookbag and I don’t tire of them. I’m set for all seasons and they are sturdy and classically shaped so they never go out of style. A great bag won’t have logos splashed everywhere or a lot of bells and whistles nor will it be too slouchy (which can turn into a black abyss) but will have good shape to hold everything you need.

There are tons of staples I could suggest even still but the bottom line is when you are looking to buy an item, ask yourself this: “Will this still look good in twenty years?” If not, buy an inexpensive version of it and put the rest of your shopping budget to good use. In the end, a closet should reflect who you are and what your lifestyle is. A woman who works in an office is going to have a very different wardrobe than a woman who works in a boutique but all the articles should be easy to wear with a variety of style options and be timeless. Use these guidelines in your future shopping adventures and you’re sure to save money in the longrun. Happy shopping everyone!

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