Equip yourself for battle: how to claim your victory while shopping

armor shopping victory success how to shopThe sales are coming.

You’re itching to go into the battlefield of your local mall and claim your spoils of victory. How, though, can you guarantee you’ll get the ripest of the spoils and not stuck with the unwanted leftovers? You must first prepare yourself mentally and physically for what lies ahead.

  • Know the plunder: Know what you need or want and don’t get distracted. Have a checklist beforehand of what items you’re looking for and certain stores you want to prioritize. You’re funds are limited and you don’t want to waste your money on items you weren’t looking for and not have the money when you finally find the item you actually did need.

  • Wear proper armor: Now is no time to look cute with lace up booties and layers of warm clothing. You must be equipped for speed. Jeans, leggings, maxidresses, sweatshirts. Forget the scarves and heavy coats! They’ll only hold you back and tire you out. Wear comfortable flats and easy clothing to maximize your endurance.

  • Don’t identify yourself: Want 800 emails a day that you never check? Then by all means continue giving out your email to everyone who asks. If you don’t, however, like an exploding inbox then embrace your rights and tell them no! It’s not a law that you give the store you rarely shop at your email address. Just. Say. No. Share that information with people who deserve it, not just because someone says “What’s your email?” Repeat with me: “No thank you. Not today.

  • Only take what you can carry: You have four navy skirts already. Honestly, you only ever find yourself wearing the one. So why do you need a fifth? You don’t! Yes, it’s “different from the others” but really, no, it’s not. Drop it and save the space for something that actually is different. Remember: don’t waste your money on items you weren’t looking for when you can spend it on something you do actually need or want.

  • Patience is a virtue: If you don’t find what you’re looking for or need then don’t claim just anything because the money is burning a hole in your pocket or you feel you need to be holding a shopping bag in your hand. If you’re dying to buy something, here’s my advice: 1) get some self-control or 2) go buy $25 worth of jewelry at ForeverXXI and don’t rob yourself. If you go into battle and there’s nothing good left, you don’t walk away with the cow manure just because you “wanted something.”

You’re all set now. You’re equipped to fight the crowds and keep your sights set on the bigger treasures while the rest struggle one another over the $11 fur coat with the hole under the arm. On to the battlefield my soldiers!

pc: Nyree Mackenzie

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