Friday Fave: The Fur Coat

I may dress very JCrew 90% of the time but I have a deep love for all things gaudy and ostentatious. Enter the highlight of this weeks Friday Fave: the fur coat. Faux fur exclusively only because I don’t live in the arctic where I’d have any real need for an animal to die in order for me to have a coat to keep me warm in the frigid temperatures. I live in Texas where it gets to a very rare teens in it’s lowest points in which everything shuts down and we stay inside living off our canned goods. We don’t do cold here. But I digress.

furcoat1Fur! The fact that this is trending right now makes me unbelievably happy because now it means it’s accessible and I love nothing more than for things to be accessible.

Please, all, of you, wish me the best in my endeavors to convince my husband to allow me to indulge in this desire of mine.

Enough of the chitchat, though, and on to the goods! Here’s a few of my favorites and where you (or me!) can buy them.

hmdarkplumfauxfur f21fauxfurshawlcollar f21fauxfurlong

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