Sunday Best: Lace is a girls best friend

lace short dress style how to wear style guide inexpensiveFemininity at it’s finest. It has the capacity to transform, to change, the person wearing it. Under her leather jacket or paired with her combat boots, she is so very evidently a woman with it peeking out from underneath. On her wedding day from head to toe, it makes her a princess. Whether she’s in her bedroom with nothing else or she’s out walking in the cold streets with a baggy jumper to cover her, keeping it as her own secret, she can’t help but feel like a woman. The luxury, the empowerment, the confidence; she is wearing lace.

I don’t know what it is but lace just brings me joy. I don’t even need to talk it up. It really speaks for itself. There’s an endless amount of stores you can find lace so I don’t think you need my help in finding any. BUT. I will say this: choose wisely. Not all lace is good lace. Tacky lace makes me cringe and it’s unfortunately something I see all too often.

Below is an example of a really easy, casual way to do lace if you’re just getting into it. Like I said, lace can be done wrong so this is one way to incorporate it if you’re still unsure of how to wear it.

lace outfit pleather imitation leather style fashion ideas guide budget inexpensiveNot that you have to play it safe with how you accessorize your lace but do remember this: less is more. Lace is such an attention seeker so make sure that you’re highlighting the lace, not the idea of it. For instance pair your lace with your denim and t-shirts, not on your denim and t-shirts. This is not a rule so much as a guideline. There are always pieces that are the exception. Also look at the quality and the intricacy of the lace. Lace is special so make it feel unique. Buy pieces that are deserving of the lace on them.

lace outfit ideas style guide budget inexpensive shopping h&mI hope this article was helpful and you’re ready to show off your feminine side!

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9 thoughts on “Sunday Best: Lace is a girls best friend

  1. Yes! There really is something about beautiful lace delicates – even worn underneath something rugged – makes me feel like the Queen! Loved this ode to lace 🙂

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