Buying Versatile “Wow” Pieces

black and white striped dress pink heels style budget fashion blog

This is a great example of a versatile “wow” piece. It can be dressed down with flats and a casual jacket or dressed up with statement jewelry and tights. And as you can see, it looks great with simple accessories as well. Click the photo for source.

What is a “wow” piece exactly? Take a spin-off of the LBD (little black dress) and make it hunter green or a deep royal blue or a sexy red or maybe a hot pink for the feisty girls. Make sure it has a classic shape that goes with everything (like your LBD) but it should be something that screams out “this is me!” and has unique touches. Remember it’s for versatility so be careful of asymmetrical sleeves or huge collars and pretty much anything that’s going to limit what you can wear with it. It should be easy yet unique. This item can be a pair of pants, a skirt or dress, a top – who cares! Confused yet?

Look out for these key qualities when hunting for your “wow” piece:

  • It’s made for your body. It should fit neither too loose or too tight but just right.
  • It can be worn all year long, rain or shine, depending how you style it.
  • It can be worn with a leather jacket, a simple cardigan or a fur coat. As though the t-shirt of wow pieces it should go with nearly everything.
  • You can wear simple or statement jewelry with it. Its enough on it’s own but it’s not too much to where it has to be.
  • Flats and heels both suit it. If it looks like you’ve changed out of your heels into your flats but you haven’t then that means it doesn’t look good with flats. When you wear flats with it it should look like you meant to. When you wear heels with it it shouldn’t look forced. That’s the absolute worse. Yuck.
  • You feel like a million bucks when you wear it.

Here is one example using the very flattering shape of this turquoise dress and pairing it both for dressy and casual so you can see how the piece itself is unique and special but easily paired with other items of all varieties.

versatile emerald dress h&m pink coat light pumps affordable inexpensive stylevwpoutfit2

Obviously everyone has different style and taste so I went with something fairly basic to give you an idea of how to mix things up just by changing your accessories.

Now you’re ready to find your wow piece and make it your own!

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