Friday Faves: My Current Obsessions

kendall jenner black leather pantsFor this weeks edition of Friday Faves I thought I’d do something a little different to go with the theme of getting to know each other. Here’s some of my favorites of different categories. Books, Makeup, Clothes, Blogs, Etc.

Book: How to be Parisian
Why? Because it’s like a goody bag in book form. Style advice, life experiences, recipes, makeup tips, hospitality tips. This book has a taste of it all! I couldn’t put it down and I’ll continue to get use out of it with all the goods it’s got.

Makeup: Diorshow Brow Styler
Why? Because it’s the best thing ever. I started using it a little over a year ago and I’m still hooked. It’s perfect for heavy or light use and you get so much control with it and I think it gives my eyebrows a much more natural sculpted look unlike the current trend of having obviously painted on brows.

Clothes: This JCrew Cropped Sweater
Why? With this cold weather I’ve been living in sweaters and for whatever reason I keep coming back to this one that I got at the beginning of the season. I love where the sleeves hit and I like that it’s fitted in all the right places without being tight. It’s such a classic shape and goes with so much.

Nail Color: Revlon Velvet Rope
Why? It’s just the perfect shade of red, is all. It’s not bright red and not vampy nearly-black red but it sits comfortably in the middle and I think it’s just absolutely perfect.

New Blog: Sophie’s Footprint
Why? Because her posts are simple and beautiful and high quality and I just like the girls style! Even though I do long-er-ish posts (#sorrynotsorry) I’m a sucker for short and sweet. Please, go check her out!

Old Blog: Designlovefest
Why? Because go there and see! I just love what she does. It’s adorable and awesome and helpful and great. And follow her Instagram while you’re at it. You will not regret this.

how to be parisian love style and bad habits

Trend: Leather pants/leggings
Why? I don’t even know, man. I just need them in my life. I don’t own any because a) I’m scared of commitment and b) my husband does not understand this love and I feel I need a convincing argument before I purchase them. I know. I have very complex problems.

Celebrity: Kendall Jenner
Why? Spare the hatemail here, but I cannot stand the Kardashians. I just. don’t. get it. I only like Kourtney and then this one, Kendall. Girls got talent with this modeling thing. And on top of that she’s got great street style and on top of that she’s got a body I’d kill for.

Alright ladybugs, that’s all until Sunday Best!

P.S. Don’t forget to check out my previous post to take the poll!

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