Sunday Best: The Little Black Dress

audrey hepburn breakfast at tiffanys little black dress lbdNo, we can’t all be Audrey Hepburn, and that’s a reality I go to bed with every night and wake up to in the cruel mornings. But there are days when I’m a little bit closer to her.

Ah yes. That’s because I’ve got on my Little Black Dress.

There’s nothing quite like the LBD. It loves you for who you are, it comforts you when you’re feeling bloated and it always makes sure you’re the center of attention at any event you attend together. The best of friend in your wardrobe. It’s really a shame you don’t call upon it more after all it’s done for you, isn’t it?

Ladies, let’s pull out those LBD’s and show them our appreciation, shall we? Let’s take them out in our converse or let them come along with us to the mall, tucked snug under our cardigan. Let’s dress up for a night on the town and take them dancing. They deserve it!

Whatever your style may be, there’s a Little Black Dress for you (unless you don’t wear dresses in which I can’t help you there. You’re missing out.) Snug and formed to your body or loose and flowing. Short or long or tea length. The LBD is the all-womans dress. Embellished or plain, short sleeve or long, gaudy or simple – the ultimate of ultimates! La creme de la creme!

little black dress style blog lbdBut wait.

Have you never known this love, this unique bond of devotion to this simple but definition of perfection that is the Little Black Dress?

Oh my. My oh my.

I can’t go to your home and drag you on the quest to find your “one” but if I were able to, I would. Yes, I feel it’s that necessary. So what I can do is assist the best I can. Here’s a few online I was able to find and I hope that you’re able to find the one that suits you and can be your companion when all else in the fashion world fails you.

Best of success my dears!

lbd little black dress lbd little black dress lbdtobuy4

This last one is a little bit more than the others but certainly worth the price! It’s slightly metallic and has great detail and shape.
lbd little black dress

In addition, here are some sites that have full sections of LBD’s at decent prices:
River Island

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