Defining the Difference Between Fashion & Style

If asked what the difference between fashion and style is, could you give the answer?

The two are a marriage; man and wife, Venus and Mars, peanut butter and jelly. So opposite and yet so much the same. Let’s first break it down into layman’s terms.

Fashion is what you put on. Style is how you do it.

So you read the fashion magazines, frequent the blogs, and scavenge the racks for all the latest trends. Now what? Okay, so you know fashion. Now where’s the style? Just like searching out for your perfect soulmate, you must dig deep within yourself and find who you are first. Are you to be defined as bohemian? As a punk? As a hipster? As a girly girl? A skater or glamour queen or retro? Well, maybe. And that’s okay. If it’s you. But don’t feel confined to what fashion tells you you could be. Those are all just helpful suggestions. Those are someone else’s style who had the ability to share it with the world on a grand scale. Even designers who take a certain trend still put their own twist to it.

The world is broken in to three sorts:
1. Those who could care less about what they put on their body and make do with what they have available. May that be people living in third world countries or poverty or just people who have different concerns. Fashion and style is a hobby, people. Don’t forget that. Don’t judge people who don’t care about your hobby.
2. People who love fashion and chase trends. They don’t have style or care to have style. They want to be the fashionista. They love going with the flow and being a big fish in the small pond.
3. People who can express themselves with clothes. The clothes speak to them and, like paint on a canvas, mix together to create strokes of art, all coming together in one fine unique masterpiece.

We all have the same paint colors to work with. It’s just a matter of execution. And hey, let’s face it, some are just better painters (I’m still talking about style here if you’ve lost me.)

fashion vs style blog

FASHION: Here’s your average hipster wearing typical “in fashion” items. The typical cut off bleached shorts, the typical cut off shirt, the typical geometric long necklaces, etc. Nothing wrong with this look but just to emphasize, this is a typical way to dress. I can grab about 100 of these exact same girls in 20 minutes at the mall on any given day. STYLE: An example of using trends (i.e the pink fur coat) and then adding different pieces all together in a unique way to create her own stylish look. (see bottom of article for pc)

So here’s my point, babes: (Because don’t I always get around to having one?) You can be content with fashion and that’s okay. But to have a voice, to be the black sheep, to stand out amongst the crowd and identify yourself as an individual, you must find your style.

Okay, so you’re thinking “How, Meg?! How?!” Right? Maybe less enthusiastically but, hey, I’m excited about this!

So here’s how: Educate yourself with visual stimuli.
Watch movies set in various times.
Study culture from Africa, India, Europe, Asia, etc.
Basically; Get involved with life outside of your realm!

The more you explore what’s out there, the closer you’ll get to finding what you’re drawn to. What moves you? What pulls you in? What inspires you? Who do you look up to? Don’t BE them. Use them as your muse to create your own masterpiece of style.

Here’s some visual stimuli I’ve put together to get the blood flowing and the fire ignited within you.






Yakutia (Republic in Russia)


Japanese street style (Japanese street style is like it’s own culture in the way that it has adopted all different cultures and put a very unique spin on it. They managed to create a culture of cultures in their style.)

So now tell me; what inspires you?

PC: Model in pink fur coat. All other photos taken from Pinterest. I will have all of these on a specific Pinterest page the day of/after posting this article and you’re free to go to their source from there.

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4 thoughts on “Defining the Difference Between Fashion & Style

  1. Really great post! I cant decide which “type” of person I am with fashion. I dont necessarily follow trends but I like putting outfits together and try make it look a bit different. I guess in a way I havent found my distinct fashion style. I do regularly combine casual pieces with “office” type pieces which I guess is my “thing”.


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