Just Another Saturday: A Pop Of Color

burberry nude color pop style guideWhile my blog feed has been flooded with shades of pink, red (and gray?) I hope you enjoy this “just another Saturday” post about regular old style. Whether you’re all hyped up for v-day or celebrating singles awareness day, I personally like to view it as any other day. I’ll just keep my commentary to myself on this one.

With that being said, I’m focusing today on adding a pop of color to your wardrobe during the cold neutral months. Nothing kicks up a drab outfit a notch more than an eye catching colored piece. There’s of course the easy route of adding a colored accessory to an all black outfit (lazy girls guide to chic, yeah?) but what about all the gray, nude, white and creams?

Tips: Adding a “pop” of color should mean that it’s a relatively small piece in proportion to the entirety of the outfit. For instance, a bright colored top with gray pants isn’t necessarily a “pop” of color (though it is a great touch so definitely  do try it) but a bold neon belt on an all gray dress is. A bright colored cardigan with black pants and a white shirt is a step in the right direction but  try doing a smaller piece like an electric blue shoe or a hot pink statement necklace to really draw the eye in. As a general rule (but by no means without exceptions) the bigger the piece is, the less captivating an effect. However, one example of an exception to that rule is a rich colored coat over neutrals. This is pretty much a must.

Here’s some inspiration to incorporating color into your minimalist style.

pop of color stlye advice neon shoe all black pop of color stlye advice orange clutch neutrals pop of color stlye advice yellow shoes pop of color stlye advice blue clutch neutrals

Tips: Try making your elegant nude dress a little edgier by adding some neon flare to it and getting some extra wear out of it. A striking necklace or belt really makes a huge difference in changing the style of the dress entirely.

Adding color to your wardrobe can be tricky if you’re living on a budget so having small interchangeable pieces is a really great way to spice up an all neutral palette. Try adding items like these to your wardrobe to start yourself off:

popcbuy1 popcbuy2

Most importantly always remember: it’s not what you wear, but how you wear it. Cliché, je sais, but true so just do you.

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