Friday Faves: My Current Obsessions

kendall jenner black leather pantsFor this weeks edition of Friday Faves I thought I’d do something a little different to go with the theme of getting to know each other. Here’s some of my favorites of different categories. Books, Makeup, Clothes, Blogs, Etc.

Book: How to be Parisian
Why? Because it’s like a goody bag in book form. Style advice, life experiences, recipes, makeup tips, hospitality tips. This book has a taste of it all! I couldn’t put it down and I’ll continue to get use out of it with all the goods it’s got.

Makeup: Diorshow Brow Styler
Why? Because it’s the best thing ever. I started using it a little over a year ago and I’m still hooked. It’s perfect for heavy or light use and you get so much control with it and I think it gives my eyebrows a much more natural sculpted look unlike the current trend of having obviously painted on brows.

Clothes: This JCrew Cropped Sweater
Why? With this cold weather I’ve been living in sweaters and for whatever reason I keep coming back to this one that I got at the beginning of the season. I love where the sleeves hit and I like that it’s fitted in all the right places without being tight. It’s such a classic shape and goes with so much.

Nail Color: Revlon Velvet Rope
Why? It’s just the perfect shade of red, is all. It’s not bright red and not vampy nearly-black red but it sits comfortably in the middle and I think it’s just absolutely perfect.

New Blog: Sophie’s Footprint
Why? Because her posts are simple and beautiful and high quality and I just like the girls style! Even though I do long-er-ish posts (#sorrynotsorry) I’m a sucker for short and sweet. Please, go check her out!

Old Blog: Designlovefest
Why? Because go there and see! I just love what she does. It’s adorable and awesome and helpful and great. And follow her Instagram while you’re at it. You will not regret this.

how to be parisian love style and bad habits

Trend: Leather pants/leggings
Why? I don’t even know, man. I just need them in my life. I don’t own any because a) I’m scared of commitment and b) my husband does not understand this love and I feel I need a convincing argument before I purchase them. I know. I have very complex problems.

Celebrity: Kendall Jenner
Why? Spare the hatemail here, but I cannot stand the Kardashians. I just. don’t. get it. I only like Kourtney and then this one, Kendall. Girls got talent with this modeling thing. And on top of that she’s got great street style and on top of that she’s got a body I’d kill for.

Alright ladybugs, that’s all until Sunday Best!

P.S. Don’t forget to check out my previous post to take the poll!

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Friday Fave: The Fur Coat

I may dress very JCrew 90% of the time but I have a deep love for all things gaudy and ostentatious. Enter the highlight of this weeks Friday Fave: the fur coat. Faux fur exclusively only because I don’t live in the arctic where I’d have any real need for an animal to die in order for me to have a coat to keep me warm in the frigid temperatures. I live in Texas where it gets to a very rare teens in it’s lowest points in which everything shuts down and we stay inside living off our canned goods. We don’t do cold here. But I digress.

furcoat1Fur! The fact that this is trending right now makes me unbelievably happy because now it means it’s accessible and I love nothing more than for things to be accessible.

Please, all, of you, wish me the best in my endeavors to convince my husband to allow me to indulge in this desire of mine.

Enough of the chitchat, though, and on to the goods! Here’s a few of my favorites and where you (or me!) can buy them.

hmdarkplumfauxfur f21fauxfurshawlcollar f21fauxfurlong

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My Friday Fave: Head-to-toe Black

all black clothing shopping style fashion blogWhether it’s a night on the town or a trip to the grocery store, one of my favorite trends (although I don’t feel “trend” is necessarily an appropriate word for this timeless look) is the chic and ever-flawless head-to-toe noir. Not only am I too often lazy when it comes to waking up early to assemble an outfit but I  rarely ever feel emotionally capable of putting one together the night before (I like to live recklessly, what can I say?) so throwing on all black is an easy way to boost my confidence about 100%. I feel effortlessly chic and in-control of life. It’s my powersuit. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love color and I wear it liberally but when I’m feeling a little insecure or having trouble making a decision about what to wear then, to me, all black is always the answer.

Black is one of those fabulous colors that looks expensive no matter how much you pay for it (assuming you’ve followed my rules) and, this may be my personal opinion, but you can never really have too much black. Maybe four pairs of nearly identical boots is too much but you get the point. Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall; black is always effortlessly chic and forever in style. It’s a look you don’t need jewelry with or perfectly styled hair or even makeup. Chapstick and clear skin (for some of us that’s fresh faced but for others it’s concealer or light foundation; only a few rare unicorns actually have great no-need-for-makeup skin) can actually be enough for this look and we don’t look like we’ve given up on life or gone through a bad breakup.

Now a couple variations to the all-black trend include adding a pop of color in a bag or statement piece of jewelry, a bright shoe or even just a pop of color on the lips. I’m in love with a good red lip and I think it amps up the look by about a billion or so. If you can’t find the right red lipstick or think you can’t wear it because of your skintone or it always gets on your teeth then there are solutions. Then there’s my personal favorite of the trends; the fur coat. Swoon.

Micah Gianneli_Best top Australian fashion style blog_Rihanna RiOkay, so the ultimate factor in wearing all black is this: confidence. If you’re wearing all black because you think it will disguise your hideousness, you’re in a losing battle. Genuine confidence (none of this fake confidence crap) is something that comes from feeling good about you. Not cocky or conceited or thinking you’re the most gorgeous person to walk the earth but confidence in knowing you are doing you and doing your best at it each and every day. A girl who sits on the couch crying about being overweight while eating a cheesecake by herself is not going to ever feel good about herself. A girl of the same size and complexion who’s eating healthy and trying to get into a good exercise routine is not wasting time getting comfortable with her unhappiness; she’s recognized a desire to change and she’s put it into motion. Ladies, If you want to feel good about yourself, give yourself reason to feel good. (Such sage advice, I know. That’s why it’s in bold.) I use weight for this example but really it’s for any problem we have that gets us feeling less than we are. Effort! Trying can be hard and exhausting and it is so much easier to give up and cry about it but the one problem with that solution is, oh yeah, it isn’t a solution! But really, to close this little rant off, no amount of clothing will give you confidence if you don’t have it in you to begin with. You can’t buy that. It just requires some emotional elbow grease and a lot of hard work and picking your self up again when you fall short. Never give up on trying to be a better you. (*Remember: We are all created differently. One girl might have more curves than another but that doesn’t make either of them overweight or underweight. A persons healthy body is unique to them and so when I mention someone being overweight I mean just that. There is a difference between curvy and healthy and overweight due to diet or health. Some also have medical conditions that make them underweight or overweight no matter what they eat and therefore they are not in control of that part of themselves and should not feel helpless or depressed because of something out of their control. Never would we want to put undue pressure on ourselves to be something we are not.)

And on that note (and completely disregarding this not-so-subtle segway,) start your all black wardrobe with some great inexpensive pieces like these from H&M:

h&m knit sweater black fashion style blog hmpleatherlegginghmblackwcoat

hmmonkstrapbooth&m black purse fashion style clothing bloghmbwhat

Knit Turtleneck Sweater – $29.95
Imitation Leather Pants – $24.95
Wool-blend Coat – $69.95
Monkstrap Boots – $34.95
Handbag – $39.95
Wool Hat – $29.95

(Or hunt for your own collection at thrift stores or items on sale/clearance at your favorite stores!)

X’s & O’s chickabiddies.

My Fashion Faves

converse black style blog fashion
Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes
Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes
Silver white winters that melt into springs
These are a few of my favorite things

For the last couple days here in Dallas, Texas the forecast has been gray, rainy, and cold. On days like these I want to stay in bed all day and read and drink hot cocoa but alas! there’s life to attend to. I thought a nice focus on some of my favorite items that I find myself wearing over and over again and never falling out of love with would be a great way to beat this dreadful gloomy day.


To start us out I have some of my favorite cheery items that channel my inner adventurer!  My husband actually bought me this silk giraffe buttonup when he and I were dating and I love it! It’s great to wear with shorts, jeans, skirts and with belts or tucked in or tucked out or half tucked. It’s actually been a really versatile shirt that I get endless amounts of compliments on. The shoes I got at JCrew for a steal! They’re absolutely flawless paired with a white button down for a nice pop of color while still having a really classic shape to them. I can’t actually wear them out without getting complimented multiple times on them. The last three items are just some of my favorite accessories. The belt I got at DSW in a three pack for super cheap and the tortoise shell watch was yet another gift from my hubby while we were dating (he worked at Fossil at the time so he was always scoring deals) and last but not least is a pair of earrings I got at ForeverXXI and as anyone who has shopped at ForeverXXI a lot in their life knows, it’s a place of big hits or big misses. You either wear something a couple times and it gives out on you or it lasts forever with no real explanation why.

fossil lingerie panties bralette coach ipad case jewelry red nail polish bracelet watch fossil revlon

On to my tried and true’s. My ipad case is Coach (if you can invest in a good leather ipad case that will hold up then I highly suggest doing it) and I loooove it. It was a gift to myself after my car accident settlement and I wanted a good case that wouldn’t fall apart on me because, for me personally, it’s an item I never intend on replacing. If, however, you like changing that sort of thing up then definitely buy trendy and cute. The bralette and thong I bought from Nordtrom and they are actually super comfortable when it comes to lace underwear and the shapes are so flattering. The baseball tee I bought from JCrew and I love it for shopping trips, laid back gatherings with friends but also it looks great with a skirt! This is another piece in my collection I’m constantly getting compliments on. Oh and did I mention it’s ridiculously cozy? Because it is. On to the accessories! Revlon Velvet Rope nail polish is my favorite red to wear because it’s just darker than classic red and it gives me a super sexy color without being too vampy (which, by the way, I do love vampy but not all the time.)  Next up is this necklace with it’s gorgeous shades of blues and black and gold (that I wear way too much because it goes with everything I own somehow) I got on sale at JCrew and I thought I might be crazy at the time for spending $60 on it when I had no idea what I’d wear with it but it’s proved to be a wise risk. Again, compliments galore with this piece. The bracelet I also bought at JCrew (junky much?) and although I don’t wear it often, every time I do wear it I remember why I love it so much. And for the finale I have my (Fossil again!) rosegold watch that gives such an elegant vibe to my outfit and I love it.

See? Already I forgot how rainy and cold it is outside.

When the dog bites,
When the bee stings,
When I’m feeling sad
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don’t feel so bad!

[enter majestic twirl on a lush green hillside]