Just Another Saturday: A Pop Of Color

burberry nude color pop style guideWhile my blog feed has been flooded with shades of pink, red (and gray?) I hope you enjoy this “just another Saturday” post about regular old style. Whether you’re all hyped up for v-day or celebrating singles awareness day, I personally like to view it as any other day. I’ll just keep my commentary to myself on this one.

With that being said, I’m focusing today on adding a pop of color to your wardrobe during the cold neutral months. Nothing kicks up a drab outfit a notch more than an eye catching colored piece. There’s of course the easy route of adding a colored accessory to an all black outfit (lazy girls guide to chic, yeah?) but what about all the gray, nude, white and creams?

Tips: Adding a “pop” of color should mean that it’s a relatively small piece in proportion to the entirety of the outfit. For instance, a bright colored top with gray pants isn’t necessarily a “pop” of color (though it is a great touch so definitely  do try it) but a bold neon belt on an all gray dress is. A bright colored cardigan with black pants and a white shirt is a step in the right direction but  try doing a smaller piece like an electric blue shoe or a hot pink statement necklace to really draw the eye in. As a general rule (but by no means without exceptions) the bigger the piece is, the less captivating an effect. However, one example of an exception to that rule is a rich colored coat over neutrals. This is pretty much a must.

Here’s some inspiration to incorporating color into your minimalist style.

pop of color stlye advice neon shoe all black pop of color stlye advice orange clutch neutrals pop of color stlye advice yellow shoes pop of color stlye advice blue clutch neutrals

Tips: Try making your elegant nude dress a little edgier by adding some neon flare to it and getting some extra wear out of it. A striking necklace or belt really makes a huge difference in changing the style of the dress entirely.

Adding color to your wardrobe can be tricky if you’re living on a budget so having small interchangeable pieces is a really great way to spice up an all neutral palette. Try adding items like these to your wardrobe to start yourself off:

popcbuy1 popcbuy2

Most importantly always remember: it’s not what you wear, but how you wear it. Cliché, je sais, but true so just do you.

Buying Versatile “Wow” Pieces

black and white striped dress pink heels style budget fashion blog

This is a great example of a versatile “wow” piece. It can be dressed down with flats and a casual jacket or dressed up with statement jewelry and tights. And as you can see, it looks great with simple accessories as well. Click the photo for source.

What is a “wow” piece exactly? Take a spin-off of the LBD (little black dress) and make it hunter green or a deep royal blue or a sexy red or maybe a hot pink for the feisty girls. Make sure it has a classic shape that goes with everything (like your LBD) but it should be something that screams out “this is me!” and has unique touches. Remember it’s for versatility so be careful of asymmetrical sleeves or huge collars and pretty much anything that’s going to limit what you can wear with it. It should be easy yet unique. This item can be a pair of pants, a skirt or dress, a top – who cares! Confused yet?

Look out for these key qualities when hunting for your “wow” piece:

  • It’s made for your body. It should fit neither too loose or too tight but just right.
  • It can be worn all year long, rain or shine, depending how you style it.
  • It can be worn with a leather jacket, a simple cardigan or a fur coat. As though the t-shirt of wow pieces it should go with nearly everything.
  • You can wear simple or statement jewelry with it. Its enough on it’s own but it’s not too much to where it has to be.
  • Flats and heels both suit it. If it looks like you’ve changed out of your heels into your flats but you haven’t then that means it doesn’t look good with flats. When you wear flats with it it should look like you meant to. When you wear heels with it it shouldn’t look forced. That’s the absolute worse. Yuck.
  • You feel like a million bucks when you wear it.

Here is one example using the very flattering shape of this turquoise dress and pairing it both for dressy and casual so you can see how the piece itself is unique and special but easily paired with other items of all varieties.

versatile emerald dress h&m pink coat light pumps affordable inexpensive stylevwpoutfit2

Obviously everyone has different style and taste so I went with something fairly basic to give you an idea of how to mix things up just by changing your accessories.

Now you’re ready to find your wow piece and make it your own!

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Tuesday Tips & Tricks: Nail Polish Does Not Always Make For A Polished Look

nailcareFor women on a budget the nail salon is most likely out of the question. However, painting our nails ourselves is a time-consuming art and usually we let too long go by before we strip the old and make time for the new and at that point we can’t promise a job well done. The result is either chipped, bubbly, and/or uneven nails. Why even bother?

For the chic Parisian woman, manicures mean high-maintenance; an impression they never want to give off. Not to say they never paint their nails because they most certainly do. It’s just that most of the time it’s best to go au naturel. The natural nail, however, does not mean bitten, jagged, and peeling. Proper nail care is of the utmost importance. But a few seconds a day is far better and easier than the several hours once a week keeping up with polish. Simple daily routine of keeping nails and hands properly moisturized and having cuticle cream handy can save you a great deal of money and stress in the long run and leave you with polished looking unpolished nails.

Here are a few of my favorite tips and tricks for keeping your au naturel look on point:

  • Find a shape you like and make every nail match.

  • nailscIf a nail breaks and must be refiled to a different shape or length, try to make the rest match that shape and length when you get the opportunity. Having one oval nail while the rest are square is quite noticeable.

  • Don’t listen to your brain when it tells you filing your nails will take forever. It won’t. It really just takes about 10 minutes of your life. If you don’t have 10 minutes I suggest reevaluating your life.

  • Keep a top coat on if you’re prone to breakage.

  • Hydrate – Cuticle cream every day. Then keep it up with your lotion or hand cream several times a day.

  • Take your vitamins. Biotin is one I’m sure you’ve heard a lot (and that’s because it actually works!) but don’t forget that your daily multivitamin, a healthy diet and lots of water also contribute to the health of your nails.

Long, short, polished or unpolished, the principle of the matter is that if you care for the little things, you can make a big difference in your appearance and not have to spend much, if anything, in doing so.

Sunday Best: The Secret to Wearing Red

reddress style fashion blog tips and trick guide budget

A woman in red wants to be seen.

She is not shy. She is not insecure. She is woman. She is sexy and confident and careless and brave.

Who doesn’t want to be that woman? She’s the Cinderella, coming down the stairs, catching the eye of every man, woman, and child. The beauty amongst the beasts. Ah, to be her.

I have a secret for you, though: she is you.

Her je ne sais quoi is her confidence. She has it. She is no more beautiful than you or I. She simply has “it” and the first rule of having “it” is confidence, even if it’s fake.

So be bold! Wear red and release your inner Cinderella and grab the eyes of all in red.